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A high school in La Unión, southern Chile. The feminist movement has arrived, generating important changes and revolutionizing relations between the members of the educational community. Adults are concerned; they must do something soon. A workshop on new masculinities and feminist theories is put together to figure out what is going on between boys and girls. In the midst of this revolt, a group of veteran ex-students from the same high school will reveal an old abuse and will use this newfound feminist movement to seek the justice that never came. All this will take an unexpected turn when one student ends up at middle of this tangled knot of a story.

Through this new theatrical work, we intend to continue investigating the awareness and vision of gender that Chilean adolescents have, with a focus on gender stereotypes in education. We hope the work will guide the formation of young Chileans towards a world of equality, respect, and non-sexism.


We have developed a theatrical work created for the adolescent public. Throughout more than 10 years, we have been welcomed in noted  institutions such as the Chilean National Theater, the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM), the Theater of the Catholic University, among others. Thanks to these associations, more than 200,000 young Chileans have witnessed our work, attending plays, participating in forums, and leading discussions throughout Chile.


Premiere and season September 2021 GAM
Quilicura Theat
er Festival, January 2022

Municipal Theater, Ovalle, March 2022

Universidad de Chile, "Jornada mechona", online, March 2022

Festival FTB Bio Bio December 2022

Gam/Sename, online, December 2022

Cast & Crew


Company: La Mala Clase Theater

Dramaturgy: Isidora Stevenson and Bosco Cayo

Direction: Aliocha de la Sotta

Cast: Paulina Giglio, Cecilia Herrera,

Bosco Cayo, Jaime Leiva and Monica Rios

Lighting and set design: Rodrigo Leal

Costume design: Felipe Olivares

Sound Universe: Fernando Milagros

Rap Voice: Catalina Cornejo Paillamil

Assistant Director: Sebastian Ibacache

Producer: Francesca Ceccotti

*Available  online.
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