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Our agency is based in Chile and works with professional artists for its distribution and programming in theaters, festivals and circuits in  Latin America and Europe.

Led by the Italian producer Francesca Ceccotti, the agency also has a team of professionals with diverse and vast experience in the field of cultural production and management.

Our content consists of Theater, Dance and Music productions of high artistic quality and experience in national and international theaters and festivals.

Our promise is to generate  personalized treatment, with open dialogue from the management perspective to enhance the artistic experience while remaining open to collaboration and networking.

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Francesca Cecotti is a producer and distributor of performing arts with more than 16 years of experience. She has a Degree in History of Modern and Contemporary Theater, University of Bologna (2013); a Master's of Performing Arts, Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (2009); and a Postgraduate Degree in Production and Management of Shows and Festivals, University of Barcelona.

Based between Chile and Italy, Cecotti has vast experience in production and distribution for independent companies, as well as in the management and production of international festivals. Her network work and professional rigor make her a key player in the international independent theater world. 

Her curiosity and talent for adapting to different contexts has allowed her to gather valuable experience in the production of arts festivals in urban and rural sectors in the polychromatic Ibero-American world, developing group work models with cultural relevance, appropriate to each territory.

She is currently systematizing her work experience through the training field, leading theater production classes and workshops for young people and adults.

“Her tireless capacity to work makes us feel very well cared for as artists when we travel with the whole company. She has great humanity and cares about every detail and every member of the team."

Vero Cendoya (Barcelona)

Dancer, choreographer, director and painter.

“For me, her participation is fundamental because she understands her role as producer beyond someone who moves money.  She brings more specific material perspectives and she is also very knowledgeable about art."

Aliocha de la Sotta (Chile)

Theater director and teacher.

"Francesca is one of those people who is connected and very generous with information. Her desire to work and to learn always goes further. That is why she can see opportunities for long-term projects. She is a close, direct person who adds to any situation."

Jordi Duran (Barcelona)

Director and professor of the Degree in Performing Arts at ERAM (UdG)

"I always focus on the virtuous circles of work that she generates. That often means building teams, which are temporary, but are family. And she emphasizes an honest and direct relationship, which is vital for teamwork."

Martin Erazo (Chile)

Director of the La Patogallina Collective.




Producer and actress. Bachelor of Theater Arts from ARCIS University. She has worked in production and creation of performing arts projects and festivals, particularly with the Latin American Theater Corridor. She has worked as an actress in more than 15 plays.



Cultural worker, producer and actress. Bachelor of Theater Arts from the ARCIS University and diploma in International Postgraduate Management and Politics in Culture and Communications from FLACSO (Argentina). She has worked in the production and creation of performing, visual and musical arts projects,  festivals, foundations and cultural management institutions and in social-cultural organizations and activities linked to feminism, human rights, cooperativism and self-management.



Journalist, Master in Social Communication and Education at PUC and UAB. Director of communications at Identidades Festival and at Liquenlab Magallanes. Responsible for communications at the Latin American Theater Corridor (Chile) and the AMA Maule Meeting.  Reviews art and illustration books for B8 Estudio, in Barcelona. She has worked as a performing arts programmer at festivals in Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, the US and France, among others. He has been in charge of communications for Chilean festivals, such as: Cielos del Infinito, Festine (Isla Negra Festival), Fitka (International Street Theater Festival), Extraordinary Intimities, among others. 

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