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Artificial is a digital work, located in a future dystopia. It was created by the Teatro del Terror company and is a continuation of the work developed in an artistic residency at the Nau Ivanow space in Barcelona / Spain in February 2020. The work is made up of five dark stories, which intersect in situations that address topics such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence, digital individualism and deep ecology

 The stories are of a girl/boy on a dystopian quest, a refugee seeking asylum in a country that is controlled by AI, an Uber delivery man who shows us the narcissistic individualization of the streets of a city, a man who seeks existential guidance through a Turing test, and a couple who must decide whether to live or die in a primitive war where animals and human beings must fight for their survival within the planet. Together, they show us different realities from an ominous future that lead us to question our present.


Teatro del Terror, founded in 2006 by director Javier Ibarra Letelier, is the name under which a diverse group of artists meet with the aim of experimenting with a new language of representation to bring Horror to the Chilean theater. The productions made by the company are inspired mainly by Romantic and Gothic literature and poetry as well as fantasy and horror films.

To date, the company has premiered eleven productions, introducing a new aesthetic to the national scene and bringing its works to the general public. In 2016 and 2017, the works El Pelicano and La Espera were selected to participate in the No6 and No7 Festivals of Young Theater of Las Condes, while El Pelicano was named at the Santiago a Mil Festival (2017) as one of the outstanding works of the year. Artificial is the latest creation of the company where it continues to explore Horror in theater in an audiovisual format.


ARTIFICIAL_teatrodelterror (1).png

Premiere Online Santiago OFF, 2021
Online Black Room - Universidad de Valparaíso, 2021

Premiere on stage, "Club de Teatro", Santiago, August 2022 

"Nau Ivanow", Barcelona, October 2022

"Espacio Inestable", Valencia, October2022

Cast & Crew

Company: Theater of Terror
Dramaturgy and script: Ivan Fernandez
Managing Director: Javier Ibarra
Cast: Tamara Ferreira, Nuria del Real, Antonieta Ibarra, Georgina de Yebra, Soledad Cruz, Nicolás Pavez

Voice over: Anonieta Ibarra
Audiovisual director: Alex Waghorn
Sound composition: Juan Carlos Valenzuela
Graphic design: Loreto Martinez
Make-up artist: Alejandra Contreras
Producer: Francesca Ceccotti

Assistant producer: Belen Blaise

*Available online .
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