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How do the different physiological mechanisms of perception operate in an invisible body? What mode of thought is the spirit? Subtle Plane is a network of mutating scenic materials. A mestizo body as a bridge and unstable border, which deals with the impossible promise of paradise. Movement and voice expand between the diffuse limits of reality, fiction and collective ritual. Subtle Plane was created and premiered at Teatro Pradillo Madrid, Baratza Aretoa, Vitoria, Spain, 2019.


Pablo Zamorano is a researcher-creator, performer and teacher in movement arts. He has a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Dance (2011) and graduated from the University of Chile with postgraduate studies in Master of Arts with a minor in Theater Direction (2014) University of Chile. Master's in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture of the National Center of Art Museo Reina Sofia- ARTEA  and Castilla la Mancha University (2018-2019) Madrid-Spain. He is currently studying a Master's Degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices at the UNSAM National University of San Martín. Argentina.

"Currently I seek to generate a simultaneous practice that links and expands the "disciplinary" limits between pedagogy, interpretation, research and creation in dance. A wide field that generates new encounters as a continuity of simultaneous, intimate and external processes."


N​oche Scratxe in Sala Baratza. Spain, 2019
Pradillo Theater Madrid, Spain, 2019
Cultural Center Matucana 100. Chile 2019
Festival 150 Gr Victoria Gasteiz. Spain 2019

Cast & Crew

Direction and interpretation: Pablo Zamorano
Technical assistant: Jose Pablo Parra
Distribution: Francesca Ceccotti

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