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Two girls must lecture at school about a hero of the country. One of them decides to do it about her mother: Cecilia Magni, Commander Tamara, a member of the Manuel Rodríguez Patriotic Front. The familiar and the intimate mix with the official story. What to do with the personal? What story do we want to hear? Who is the other? The bell is about to ring and time is running out to achieve the ideal.


The MalaMadre company was born in 2017 in Mexico City. One of our interests is to demystify the role of women in the artistic and historical aspects of our society, specifically in the Latin American territory, which is why we have focused so far on emblematic figures such as Violeta Parra (Un Gavilán para Violeta) and Cecilia Magni (La Compañera) to work on our theatrical proposals; and investigate the liminal borders of the discipline, investigating formats and integrating music and sound into our projects as a fundamental part. In 2018 we premiered Un Gavilán para Violeta at the Teatro La Capilla, with a great reception from the public and critics, performing a season at Matucana 100 in March 2019. La Compañera is our second work as a company.


Extraordinary Intimacies Festival 2020

UC Theater Virtual Season October 2020

Festival Santiago OFF 2021

RadioTeatro "La Compañera"  M100 2021

Online Black Room - University of Valparaíso 2021

XXIV Lluvia de Teatro Festival, Valdivia,  July 2022

Cast & Crew

Company: The Bad Mother
Dramaturgy: Carla Romero
Direction: Carla Romero
Cast: Mariana Muñoz and Claudia Cabezas
Design: Belen Abarza
Sound design: Guillermo Eisner
Graphic design: Loreto Martinez

Communications: Lorena Alvarez Chavez

Producer: Francesca Ceccotti

Assistant producer: Belen Blaise

*Available in face-to-face, online and radio theater versions.
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