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tuS extremoS


HURyCAN/Arthur Bernard Bazin


Even when clothed in technical elements, humans continue to be profoundly animalistic,  beings in search of themselves and regularly colliding with newly erected walls. Lacking the proper tools, we have become climate refugees due to the major changes in our lives and our hostile landscape. But after a while, these same circumstances can cause difficulty to mutate into potential.  Perhaps the spaces we cross and the companions we travel with build our  identity more than our birthplace. If the body is a territory, an embrace is like a mountain range or a shore, it represents a space for exchanges and nourishing resources for movement: a goal, a shelter, a dialogue.


Created in 2013, HURyCAN is a scenic creation project that affirms the communicative need of movement, its potential, its limits, its personal and emotional dimensions. Their works expose physical and sensitive experiences through naïve and transgressive games, creating a bond with the viewer through an expressive use of space and the dynamic balance of a dance open to imagination, humor and emotion.

The continuous work, initiated in 2010 by Arthur Bernard Bazin and Candelaria Antelo, has been rewarded on different occasions with choreographic prizes in Spain, Germany, France, Cuba and his works have been performed on 5 continents.

To date, the company functions as a platform where both choreographers can develop their creations together and independently.


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Pre-premiere Festival ENDOA Valencia November 2020

Stage  Open - Paco Rabal Cultural Center, Madrid 2021

20th International Contemporary Performing Arts Festival

EL CRUCE, Argentina 2021

7th Festival “La constante”, Santa Fé, Argentina, 2021

Season at cultural center M100, Santiago, Chile, 2021

El Maule Regional Theater, 2021

10th Festival LOFT Concepción, 2021

FACE warehouse, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2021

Intercultural nomad festival FIIN Intimate Scene,

Puerto Montt, Chile 2022

Santiago OFF festival, cultural center M100, Santiago, Chile 2022

Cast & Crew

Artistic direction and choreography: Arthur Bernard Bazin
Cast: Veronica Toro, Javiera Paz, Arthur Bernard Bazin
Musical composition: Joaquin Segade
Production: company. HURyCAN
Photographs: Virginia Rota
Distribution: Francesca Ceccotti

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