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FERMENTA Stage Producers Network

Fermenta is a platform, a container, a network of Chilean performing arts producers. The platform emerges out of the need for exchange, listening and collaboration in our environment, where producers are always underrepresented. As a fundamental link for the development and exhibition of performing arts, we are neither artists nor technicians, we are precisely the bridge that connects these different areas. We producers do not yet have a group, we live very self-absorbed in our world and in our work, we do not have many instances of dialogue and exchange. We need to look at each other, recognize each other in an exercise of tolerance and kindness to build a heterogeneous, collaborative and conscious group.

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Muriel Miranda is a native of the city of Concepción, but lives in Santiago. She has a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Theater Acting and Master of Arts with a minor in Visual Arts from the University of Chile. She is the co-founder and co-director of the Maleza Company since 2006. Since 2010, she has been the executive director of the Biobío International Theater Festival (FTB), which has been held 12 times and is a milestone of the performing arts in the region. Muriel has been awarded more than 25 competitive grants and has worked as a producer and manager since 2002, when she had just graduated from theater school. In 2019, she was chosen by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage as Artistic Director in the celebration of the National Theater Day.   

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Francesca Cecotti is a producer and distributor of performing arts. She has been working for 15 years in Santiago de Chile with several independent companies such as Compañía Maleza, Teatro La Mala Clase, Teatro del Terror, MalaMadre and La Maulina. In Latin America, her main distribution work is with  the Spanish contemporary dance companies, HURyCAN and Cia. Vero Cendoya. She is co-director of the Extraordinary Intimacies Festival, put on by the Latin American Theater Corridor. She has a degree in History of Modern and Contemporary Theater from the University of Bologna (Italy), has a Master's Degree in Performing Arts from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and is studying a Postgraduate Degree in Production and Management of Shows and Festivals. She also leads production training for young artists and emerging companies.

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