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Guacho is  an autobiographical dance work that positions the body and the voice in constant movement as a generator of narrative and abstract materiality. It exposes the tension between tradition, symbol, value and belief, in order to sustain a detachment of language from the symbolic representation of the guacho, the child without parents. Guacho is a lost body, abandoned by his parents. Guacho inhabits a confusing territory... without a Homeland or a Motherland.

How is a cultural identity configured?
In what context is it inherent?
Which one does he appropriate and which one is alien to him?
What mode of thought is dance?

The biographical?

​Work carried out in research and creation residencies; Chateau de Monthelon and La Deviation in France during 2017, thanks to Fondart, Santiago de Chile.


Pablo Zamorano is a researcher-creator, performer and teacher in movement arts. He has a Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Dance (2011) and graduated from the University of Chile with postgraduate studies in Master of Arts with a minor in Theater Direction (2014) University of Chile. Master's in Scenic Practice and Visual Culture of the National Center of Art Museo Reina Sofia- ARTEA  and Castilla la Mancha University (2018-2019) Madrid-Spain. He is currently studying a Master's Degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices at the UNSAM National University of San Martín. Argentina.

"Currently I seek to generate a simultaneous practice that links and expands the "disciplinary" limits between pedagogy, interpretation, research and creation in dance. A wide field that generates new encounters as a continuity of simultaneous, intimate and external processes."


Les rencontres de Monthelon. France 2018
Interact Festival. Ecuador 2018
Cultural Center Matucana 100. Chile 2019
Circle Theatre. Spain 2019


Cast & Crew

Direction and interpretation: Pablo Zamorano
Technical assistant: Jose Pablo Parra
Distribution: Francesca Ceccotti

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